About Hyde

The Hyde Agency was formed in 1921 and is the oldest provider of surety bonds in New York. For most of its 90 year history, The Hyde Agency specialized in providing judicial and fiduciary court bonds for commercial and individual clients of many of the leading law firms in Greater New York. The Hyde Agency was acquired in 1999 by David Smith who continued our focus on court and commercial surety products while significantly expanding the number of client law firms who rely on our services.

In 2011 The Hyde Agency added two additional partners, Daryl LaForge and John Hyland, and formed a construction surety practice to provide surety programs and solutions to the construction industry. With over three decades of experience in surety, much of it in senior roles at leading underwriting companies, both John and Daryl bring their clients a unique insider’s perspective on the underwriting process, risk management approach, reinsurance and claims operations of major surety writers in the United States.

In 2012 The Hyde Agency formed a strategic alliance with SterlingRisk(www.sterlingrisk.com) and created SterlingHyde Group. Located in Woodbury, New York, SterlingHyde is a full service construction-oriented surety and insurance brokerage. Staffed with seasoned insurance and surety professionals and backed by the strength and infrastructure of the Sterling & Sterling organization, SterlingHyde is uniquely positioned to help our clients identify and mitigate the risks associated with the construction industry; offering Property & Casualty Insurance, Surety, Wrap-Ups and Project Specific Programs, Subcontractor Default Insurance, Pollution & Professional Liability, Employee Benefits and Personal Insurance.