Large organizations often spend considerable time and money developing a list of fashionable corporate values from the menu of possibilities offered by their outside consultants. They publish them on their web site, on mouse pads and brochures. Then they pat themselves on the back, report their success to the board and do it all again next year.

We’re a little different. At Hyde, our beliefs are relatively simple and tend to be the product of our experience. The training we received, the organizations where we worked, the mentors we had and the successes and failures we witnessed all play a role in how we approach our business; in how we arrived at the things we think are important.

At Hyde we believe…

           …in the value of being candid and confidential in our dealings with clients, prospects and carriers.

          …in treating everything we do with a sense of urgency and taking nothing for granted.

          …that trust is a competitive asset.

          …that our success has as much to do about attitude as aptitude.

          …that we don’t sell, we serve.

          …that providing clients with a superior program and treating carriers fairly are not mutually exclusive.

         …in valuing our employees.

         …in giving back to our communities.

        …that to enjoy long-term success, you have to like what you’re doing.

We really like what we’re doing and we think it shows.